737 Ground Handling Equipment is a FREE visual feature plugin for X-Plane 11 tailored specifically for models of aircraft from the Boeing 737 family. It started as a test plaform for ground support equipment models for the ZiboMod, but it eventually became a plugin supporting multiple B737 models. Currently most of the B737 models are supported, including the Laminar Research default B737-800 model, FlyJSim B737-200, or the ZiboMod B737-800X – the most used 3rd party aircraft for X-Plane. The plugin also already supports all the yet to be released LevelUp B737NG models.

The plugin is in continuous development and currently offers mobile stairs, line maintenance van with maintenance technicians and integrated airstairs (for default X-Plane 11 B737-800 model), with additional models being in preparation. Depending on the aircraft model, the plugin also offers automated function.

737GHE is a native X-Plane plugin for all three platforms (NO other plugin or scripting tool like FlyWithLua required).


  • Front and aft mobile stairs
  • Line maintenance van and workers
  • Internal airstairs (LR B737-800 only)
  • ...more to come...
  • Manual mode
  • Configurable automatic mode

Supported models

  • Laminar Research (default) B737-800
  • ZiboMod B737-800X
  • FlyJSim B737-200
  • LevelUp B737-600
  • LevelUp B737-700
  • LevelUp B737-800
  • LevelUp B737-900/900ER


X-Plane 11+ (64bit) for

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS

Version information

Version 0.8.1 - current version

  • fixed CTD when clicking on the Auto-enable settings submenu

Version 0.8

  • first public release
  • native plugin for Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • front and aft stairs, maintenance van
  • airstairs for the default Laminar B737-800

Planned features

  • baggage loaders & carts
  • handling company car & agents
  • catering cars
  • custom textures linked to airports

Known issues

  • none so far



Installation of the plugin is simple. Unzip the content of the downloaded file 737GHE.zip and place the folder 737GHE and all its content into your X-Plane's resources/plugins folder. Do not place the plugin into any aircraft's plugin subfolder, otherwise it won't work.

You can verify that the installation was successful by running the X-Plane and checking the content of the Plugins menu. If the menu contains the "737 Ground Handling Equipment" submenu, the plugin was installed successfully.


All of the plugin's functionality is controlled from the plugin's menu. The structure of the menu is shown in the picture below.


Enable/Disable front stairs Enables/disables front stair. When used while in automatic mode, overrides the automatic settings until reset.
Enable/Disable aft stairs Enables/disables aft stair. When used while in automatic mode, overrides the automatic settings until reset.
Enable/Disable line maintenance van Enables/disables line maintenance van and workers. When used while in automatic mode, overrides the automatic settings until reset.
Enable/Disable integrated airstairs Enables/disables integrated airstairs. This function is available for the X-Plane's default B737-800.
Auto-enable ground equipment Toggles automatic functions. When turned on, the equipment selected in the settings submenu is automatically activated. Activation conditions are described in the next tab.
Auto-enable settings Submenu for configuring automated mode. Not every option is available with every aircraft.
Auto-enable status: Show the status of the automatic system. When no overrides are active, this menu item is disabled and only notifies that the system works OK. If any of the overrides is active, this menu item becomes enabled and the status changes to Manual override (press to reset). In such case the menu item can be used to reset the automated system to the state defined by the settings from the Auto-enable settings submenu (for override notification see the picture below).

Reposition on aircraft position change When this option is turned on, all the equipment repositions with the aircraft when moved, eg. using the map view. If turned off, all the enabled equipment is disabled when the aicraft is moved and must be enabled again.

Automatic mode

Basic condition for the plugin to work is that the aircraft is standing on the ground, not moving, with either parking brakes or chocks set and engines off. Some of the equipment may have additional requirements in the automatic mode. For example the mobile stairs will only appear if the particular port side exit is open and integrated airstairs (if equipped) are retracted. Automatic enabling of the mobile stairs is only available with the models that allow exit door operation, such as the ZiboMod, LevelUp NG family or FlyJSim 737-200 (see the table below).

ModelFront stairsAft stairsMaintenance van
LR B737-800 (default)
ZiboMod B737-800X
FlyJSim B737-200
LevelUp B737-600
LevelUp B737-700
LevelUp B737-800
LevelUp B737-900/900ER
Auto operation conditionsFront stairsAft stairsMaintenance van
Parking brake/Chocks set
Anti-collision lights off
Engines off
Front port exit open
Aft port exit open
Front airstairs retracted
Aft airstairs retracted


All the models and programming © 2019-2021 Jiří Brožek.

If you find the plugin and my other contributions to the development of the ZiboMod useful and want to thank me in some way, you may use the button below to buy me a virtual beer or coffee :)



This addon is FREE for non-commercial usage. None of the assets used in this addon can be used in another product without explicit permission of the author.

DISCLAIMER: This addon is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. Use at your own risk.